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News on the Farm

During the Annual Meeting, the President’s report focused on the different ways that the HKMI Board has begun to move in new directions. While we have not given up on the Keller Book, we are looking at some other parts of our inheritance with much more determination to do more with it. William Jacob Keller, Jr. donated the land to HKMI. He wanted us to finish our family publications, and we have all been frustrated with the problems we have had with the Keller book. In the meantime, we have moved at a very slow pace with plans for the Hottel-Keller Homestead. Work has been done to stabilize the Keller Loom House/ Summer Kitchen, and it is now stocked with some nice representations of life in the 1800s. The Hottel Spring House was also repaired, but it now needs other round of work. The land was rented out for a (more…)

Gate Added to Cave

This is the group picture of the spelunkers who visited the Keller Cave who were present to put in the new cave gate. Our Fred Germond also joined that group. The spelunkers have returned to the farm, and they have completed the gate over the cave entrance. We believe this will keep children from wandering into the cave and allow the bat population to travel in and out. (more…)