470 Pages; Images of the Friedens Church register with transcription, other church documents, church history, and comprehensive index



The Friedens Church Register was kept by the two Lutheran congregations who shared the church building: the Reformed and Evangelical Lutherans. It was handwritten in scripts of the 1800s by multiple writers. Most in English, but a few pages are in German.

This publication of the Friedens Church Register includes:

  • Images (photographs) of the Register pages
  • Transcription of each page into modern type
  • Translations of German pages
  • Friedens Church history
  • Lists of subscribers to Friedens
  • Debits and Credits incurred during Church construction
  • 1877 Church auction with items sold, price, and purchaser
  • Comprehensive index

This publication is a 8.5″ x 11″ soft-bound black & white book of about 470 pages.