Captain Jacob Rosenbarger’s Militia List

Captain Jacob Rosenbarger’s militia lists are some of the very few we can find in Shenandoah County for the 1830-1845 time frame. Professor Daniel Bly thinks that this list was taken around 1837. Karen Cooper and Richard Kleese had estimated 1835. The list was found with the Ephraim Baker Papers at the Keller Homestead. Ephraim Baker is a story himself, but his long and arduous settlement of the often tangled estate of Jacob Rosenbarger and his wife Sophia kept Baker busy for some time. Jacob and Sophia didn’t have children, and the estate passed to nieces and nephews! There were quite a few of them, and they resided in several states. When Baker wasn’t working on estate settlements and various jobs for the local government, he ran Baker’s Store at Mt. Olive. Mt. Olive is the small village just north of the Hottel and Keller Homesteads. The store records drop many hints about the community and the social and economic status of the locals.

Several HKMI members are working to catalog the various papers in our collection. Efforts have begun to write about Ephraim Baker and his community. As part of the ongoing research, we are researching each of the men on Rosenbarger’s Militia List. We already have bios for some of them. 

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