HKMI is currently supporting a project to document the history of the descendants of John Hottel. This is an update to The History of the Descendants of John Hottel, W.D. Huddle and Lulu May Huddle, published in 1930. The 1930 book followed the descendants of 3 of John’s 5 children: Charles, George and Barbara.

Captain Rosenbarger’s Militia Lists

Captain Rosenbarger’s Militia Lists. Discovered in 2012 among some Keller family papers, these papers appear not been viewed for over 100 years.

Hottel and Keller Profiles

George Keller, The Justice from Dunmore County
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The New Hottel History – George Line, edited by B. Paul Huddle, 1998, has been published and can be ordered with the form on the Gift Shop page. This was an enormous project, listing nearly 47,000 names.

The New Hottel History – Charles Line, also edited by B. Paul Huddle, 2003, has also been completed and can be purchased on the Gift Shop page.

The Barbara line, likely to be the biggest of our volumes, is currently undergoing computerization.

Other Genealogy Resources

There are a number excellent Internet resources for those who are researching the ancestry of their Germanic immigrant ancestors. A few are listed below.


U.S. GenWeb
Virginia GenWeb
Shenandoah County GenWeb

Finding and Sharing Pictures of Ancestors

Ancient Faces
Dead Fred

Discussion Forums at

Keller Board
Hottel Board


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