Welcome to Shenandoah. - Our house is your home in the valley.

Hottel-Keller Memorial, Inc. operates the Shenandoah Germanic Heritage Museum in Mount Olive, Virginia. The museum is located on the original Keller Homestead, purchased in 1750 via land grant from Lord Thomas Fairfax. HKMI also owns the adjacent George Hottel homestead.

A trip to the museum is definitely worthwhile, but be sure to call first. Please, see the Museum Page for more information. Each year, on the first weekend of August, we hold our annual meeting and special events are planned around the meeting.


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In 1930 our predecessor organization, the Hottel-Keller Memorial Association, published the book The History of the Descendants of John Hottel. It was a massive volume of some 1183 pages, covering historical information on over 30,000 persons. We are currently updating that work and have so far published the first two volumes of a three volume set.