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2015 Annual Meeting - August 1

Registration will be held at the Keller Homestead, Friday, July 31, from 1:00 PM - 8:00 PM. The meeting itself will be at the VFW in Edinburg.

In the meantime - the annual meeting is a business meeting with a dinner and program. A silent auction has been added to it as well. That meeting must be held so that we can have elections to the board. We also must have it to give the membership our reports for the year on the annual spending, the number of members and the activities for the previous year. In addition, the membership may bring complaints. This is essentially a corporate meeting with a sense of humor.

Read about the history of the annual picnic.

The Fishers Hill Commemorative Picnic

We will not have our annual picnic this year because we are joining the Fishers Hill Commemorative Picnic.

After the Civil War ended, soldiers from both sides often gathered at Fishers Hill near Strasburg to remember the war with a huge picnic. Special trains brought veterans from as far away as Baltimore and Washington, D.C. The local people said the picnic and the Shenandoah County Fair were two of the most important annual events. (Of course the Hottel Family Picnic was also very well attended.) As many as 12,000 people attended the Fishers Hill Picnic in 1912.

The picnics ended in the 1930's, as many of the Civil War Veterans were gone. The young boys remembered that the Confederate soldiers often wore gray suits to the reunion. One Confederate cavalryman wore a gray feather in his hat. The boys would run back and forth between the veterans from both sides and urge them to tell about the various battles from their opposite points of view. The veterans were apparently glad to oblige the youngsters, and some exaggerations occurred on both sides.

The Fishers Hill Battlefield Site is now owned by the Shenandoah Valley Battlefield Foundation. The foundation will join with several other groups to present tours of the battlefield and the original picnic grounds. The event is free and open to the public and will feature historic displays, live period music, and a program highlighting the history of the picnics. The fun will begin, Saturday, August 1 at four and continue until eight p.m.

Guests are urged to bring their own chairs, although a tent and some tables and seating will be available. Food and drink will be available, but visitors may also bring their own food. Alcohol will not be permitted.

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